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Aurora Borealis

The aurora borealis, more commonly known as the northern lights, is best seen from high latitude regions, or the northern most part of the globe. Named after Aurora, who was the Roman goddess of dawn and Boreas, which is Greek for North Wind, the aurora borealis is one of the World's most magical natural displays.

Northern Lights from SpaceThe light emitted is generally seen as a hazy green glow, although tinges of a pink-red and blue can be picked up as the display seemingly dances around. 

The effect is created when energetic charged particles collide with atoms high up in the atmosphere. Best seen in dark, clear conditions, trips to see the aurora borealis have become more common with many tour operators running holidays to Scandinavia, the Arctic and parts of Canada to witness one of Earth's great wonders.

Best Time to See the Aurora Borealis?

The best time of year to see the aurora borealis is around the winter or summer solstice, which is when the sun hits its highest position in the sky when viewed from the North or South Pole. This means that around June 21 or December 21 will be perfect opportunities to see the lights. However as dark, and colder conditions are generally required to see the lights properly, winter months remain the best time to go and so any month from November through to March are recommended. 

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